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Mummy Project Research is headquartered inside the Fatebenefratelli Hospital, Milan. Its mission is to facilitate the study of ancient organic remains and especially human and animal mummies. Its multifaceted team employs the most advanced techniques of medical and forensic investigation. The team specializes in gathering all available information and analyzing it according to the appropriate scientific principles. All studies undertaken by MPR are carried out with maximum respect for mummified human subjects and without injury to physical remains. In this way, MPR can recreate a fully rounded identity for any mummy it studies and recapture the historical and cultural context in which the individual lived and died. The MPR does its work with passion and commitment, to serve the needs of universities, museums, foundations and cultural organizations.
Exhibits & Events
Exhibitions        Past Events

“Una Moderna Camera delle Meraviglie. Mummie Egizie tra Storia, Scienza e Tecnologia” 12/2018 - 08/2021, Museum of Natural Sciences of Brescia

“Egyptian Corner”, permanent Egyptian section at the Raccolte Archeologiche of the University of Pavia. Open since 2017

“Mummy of Bast-es-Ankh and her Coffin”, permanent exposition at the Palais Mamming Meran. Open since 2015

Permanent Egyptian Section at the Buonconsiglio Castle, Trent. Open since 2009

Temporary Exhibition “Wine in Ancient Egypt” 21/03/13 – 19/05/13, Alba. Honored with the Italian President Medal

Temporary Exhibition “Egyptian Red, graphic dialogue between Ancient Egypt and Enrico Colombotto Rosso” 20/03/16 - 23/10/16, Deposito Museale, Via Roma 12, Pontestura, AL

Temporary Exhibition “DiVino, the lands of Ancient Egypt and Monferrato, kingdoms of the wine culture” EXPO 2015, Castello Paleologi, Casale Monferrato, AL

Temporary Exhibition “Egitto Mai Visto” 05/2009 - 01/2010, Buonconsiglio Castle of Tren

“Ur Sunu. Great Doctors of Ancient Egpyt. Deseases and cures in the land of pharaohs” 27/09/08 – 10/01/08, Palazzo Sannazzaro, Casale Monferrato (AL)
150 items from: Metropolitan Museum of New York, Brooklyn Museum of New York, Kunst Historisches Museum of Vienna, Vatican Museum, Egyptian Museum of Turin, Egyptian Museum of Florence, Archaeological Museum of Bologna, Anthropological Museum of Turin, Padua City Museum, Como City Museum, Land Museum of Biella, “G.B. Ariani” Museum of Cherasco, Domodossola City Museum, “Camillo Leone” Museum of Vercelli, “Susa Leone” Museum of Vercelli, Archaeological and Paleontological Museum of Asti, Susa City Museum

“The Pharaoh's garden” 2015, a real Nile style garden inside the hall of the exhibition “DiVino”

“A look on Ancient Egypt” 04/2010 - 09/2010, lectures, documentaries and laboratories for children at the “Camillo Leone” Museum of Vercelli

“MEXPO” Spring 2015, a series of cultural events, lectures and labs waiting for the World Expo Milan 2015:
07/02 “Egypt: cooked and eaten. Habits at the Pharaoh's table”, lecture by Malgora Sabina
08/02 “A meal with the Pharaoh”, teaching lab for kids
21/03 “Abemus in cena. Foodstuffs and drinks in the ancient Rome”, lecture by Cattaneo Patrizia, an archaeologist from the Sutermaier Museum of Legnano
“A meal in the ancient Rome”, educational lab for kids
11/04 “From Corsican jugs to Nutella jars. Tales of contents and containers”, lecture by Dr Mordeglia Lucia, a member of the Lombardy Archaeology Superintendence

“An Egyptian Autumn” 10/2008 - 12/2008 at Santa Croce Cloister, Casale Monferrato: a series of lectures on the medicine in ancient Egypt given by museum directors and researchers

“The Mummy’s Curse” 2014, Alba and “Murder at the back of the Pyramids” 2017, Legnano: theatre performances involving the public in collaboration with StarDust Company

Preserving Cultural Heritage
MPR advocates the on-going evaluation of cultural materials with the view of recovering the historical, anthropological and artistic contexts
Children's Lab
MPR produces and presents creative teaching activities for children and adults
MPR produces understandable reports and publishes the results of its analyses in scientific journals and catalogues:

“Una Moderna Camera delle Meraviglie. Mummie Egizie tra Storia, Scienza e Tecnologia”, catalogue of the exhibition at the Museum of Natural Sciences of Brescia, 2018

“From Egypt to the Alps” (in Italian), catalogue of the Egyptian section of the Buonconsiglio Castle, Trent, 2016

“Egyptian Red, graphic dialogue between Ancient Egypt and Enrico Colombotto Rosso” (in Italian). Catalogue of the exhibition, 2015

“Wine in Ancient Egypt” (in Italian), Turin, 2014

“The Ankhpakhered Case, new scientific approaches by Mummy Project Research” (in Italian), Turin, 2013

“The Egyptian Collection of Museo Camillo Leone of Vercelli” (in Italian), Novara, 2011

“Ur Sunu. Great Doctors of Ancient Egpyt. Deseases and cures in the land of pharaohs” (in Italian), Vercelli, 2008


Balanica Andrei Daniel and Merlin Laura - ex students at "ITIS Sobrero", Casale Monferrato

German Mummy Project, Reiss Engelhorn Museen (REM) - Impressum, Mannheim, Germany

Carabinieri, RIS (Scientific Investigations Department), Rome, Italy

Akhmim Mummy Studies Consortium, (AMSC), Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA

KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology, Manchester, UK

Institute for Mummies and the Iceman, (EURAC) Bolzano, Italy

Archaeological Museum of the University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy

Civic Archaeological Museum of Erba

Archaeological Museum of Bergamo

Nicola Restauri, Aramengo

Metropolitan Museum (MMA) NYC, New York, USA

British Museum

Museo de La Plata, Buenos Aires

Egyptian Museum, Florence, Italy

Museum of Natural Sciences, Brescia, Italy

Meran City Museum, Merano, Italy

Camillo Leone Museum, Vercelli, Italy

Land Museum, Biella, Italy

University of Pavia

University of Buenos Aires